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Public Sector

The public sector presents numerous special problems and issues, which are often associated with consequences across several departments. For example, the actions of a legal entity under public law may not only require an examination with regard to administrative law requirements, but may also have consequences in terms of public procurement law or tax law. Therefore, regular advice from an interdisciplinary team is essential to avoid unintended consequences.

As a rule, public law proceedings and projects are complex, which is why they require tailored and highly specialised advice. The consulting practice in public-law case constellations requires a thorough understanding of many areas of law.

Our seasoned and interdisciplinary consultants possess expertise – evidenced including by special qualifications – that they put at your disposal to help you to make legally reliable and at the same time economically sensible decisions.

In this area, our advice services address the public sector as well as small, medium-sized and large companies. Of course, we are also a point of contact for private individuals – no matter whether single individuals or groups of affected parties.

As part of our auditing activities (statutory and voluntary audits, audit-related advice), we audit commercially organized subsidiaries of the public sector in particular, especially in the hospital sector or in public transport. Therefore, our audit mandates in this field include many well-known hospitals and public transport companies in the region.

In addition, we also regularly perform audits for commercial operations (BgA) or public agencies (AöR).

Of course, in our audits, we also take account of the special requirements that such companies are, by law, subject to. For example, an audit of the propriety of business management in accordance with section 53 of the German Budgetary Principles Act (HGrG) or the audit of billing in hospitals and care facilities in accordance with the Hospital Accounting Ordinance (KHBV) or the Nursing/Care Facilities Accounting Ordinance (PBV) is, of course, included in our range of services.

An essential part of our activities also pertains to audit-related advice. They include the provision of general business management advice, but also support in the restructuring of public sector companies as well as the audit or the audit review of special accounting and pay-as-you-go systems.

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