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Construction & Real Estate

The members of our construction & real estate practice group have many years of expertise in all areas of construction and real estate law. We pursue a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, including tax and business management planning. Our expertise begins with advice on construction planning law and building law. The focus is then on comprehensive legal project management during the planning and execution phase. In the event of litigation, we represent our clients in all courts, particularly the civil and administrative courts as well as the public procurement chambers of the federal government and the Länder.

The main focus of our business auditing activities is on the statutory or voluntary audits of building construction or civil engineering companies.

Many particularities apply in this context, for example in connection with the valuation of semi-finished or finished objects and projects, whereby considerable know-how is required to ensure proper implementation.

Of course, we also offer audits under the Broker and Property Developer Ordinance (MaBV), so that our clients can be sure that they are always in compliance with any legal requirements and specifications.

With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy
With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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