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A special focus of our practice is in the area of telecommunications law, with a special emphasis on the design and support of publicly funded broadband expansion projects. Our law firm pursues an interdisciplinary approach in this context. Our legal consultants have extensive experience in the areas of law relevant to broadband projects, especially in state aid law, public procurement law and telecommunications law. Our company's tax consultants and auditors, who also have extensive industry-specific expertise, offer solid advice on the structuring of business and taxation in broadband projects. Our range of consulting services is rounded off by the technical expertise of our cooperation partners who specialise in the technical design of broadband projects and the development of business models in the telecommunications sector.

Our business audit firm Muth & Co. Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft GmbH is also at your disposal to answer any audit-related questions.

The target figures supplied by the offering companies must be subjected to regular audits already at the ongoing proceedings stage, regardless of whether a build-operate-transfer model or a profitability gap model was selected. However, further auditing activities must also be performed during and after the implementation phase: For example, it is necessary to routinely carry out reliable target-performance comparisons in order to identify deviations from the original plan in good time and to determine the reasons for them.

It should be further noted that broadband projects depend heavily on funding. In this respect, funding bodies have an interest in ensuring the proper handling and use of funding, which must be regularly confirmed by a qualified auditor.

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