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Business consulting

In addition to business start-ups and funding advice, our corporate consultancy focuses on crisis consulting for medium-sized companies.

Founders and start-ups

We provide the founder of a new business with comprehensive business management and legal advice. The starting point is checking whether the start-up idea and the concept behind it are sufficiently sustainable to support a successful business venture. From our point of view, it is important to note that far-reaching decisions must often be made during the start-up phase, for which the advice of an experienced consultant is mandatory.

We support you with:

  • Financing of business start-ups
  • Creation of corporate concepts
  • Calculation and cost accounting

In this respect, however, we perceive our activities as significantly more extensive. During orientation and start-up, young companies often need the support of a mentor who has no difficulty providing a clear position or, where needed, straightforward talk. If requested, we are willing to take on this role, too.

Crisis consultation

The experience of our lawyers in the field of business audits and, more particularly, the experience of our lawyers acting in the field of insolvency and forensic law, help to provide comprehensive crisis advice. This also includes the development of corporate concepts, financing models, liquidity plans, budgeted income statements as well as remediation and crisis management concepts. Supplemented and flanked by our activities in the areas of business audits and legal advice, we offer all-embracing services as a competent partner.

Our activities include in particular:

  • Examination of the prospects for the continuation of a company
  • Remediation consulting with the creation of remediation concepts
  • Advice on insolvency prevention
  • Preparation of insolvency expertise
  • Preparation of statements in accordance with section 270b Insolvency Code (InsO) (protective shield proceedings)
  • Drafting contracts in the context of the company's remediation activities

Not to forget, a central point in this respect, is also the support of the financing banks. In a crisis, support by the banks to ensure the company's continued financing is a crucial point. In this context, we provide support when it comes to planning required funding, preparing documents for submission to the financing banks, conducting bank negotiations, providing the company with comprehensive support and guiding the entrepreneur through the crisis until it is resolved.

Funding advice

The various state institutions support business start-ups, investments by companies as well as innovative development projects. Any application for funding requires intensive planning. We identify the possible funding paths for you and support you in preparing the necessary applications and documents.

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